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Airtran Flight 297 Scheduled Atlanta Houston Delay Muslim Passengers Creates Fear Tsa Investigates

Travel & LeisureThe mainstream media failed to give any importance to the event which took place inside AirTran flight 297 on 17th November 2009. As per the passengers aboard the flight, 11 Muslim men, dressed in their complete outfit, caused a two and half hour delay and talked to the fellow onboard passengers about the 11th September 2001 terrorist strike. It has been pointed out that these Muslim extremists had sketched out this plot cautiously in order to examine the system and they also intended to create headlines. AirTran is keeping this incident as a secret mainly because they are concerned about the lawsuits which can be carried out by groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations, a Hamas front group. It was claimed that the Muslim men started shouting and dancing all over the flight.

It has been reported that a Muslim man had a video recorder and he was watching a porno on it and it is believed that the Muslims are permitted to watch a porno only before Jihad. The man screamed at the stewardess when he asked the Muslim man to turn off all electronic devices. It is being reported that the incident was planned and it was carried out by these Muslims in order to create fear.

One of the reports on AirTran flight 297 claims that it can be an initiative by Council for American Islamic Relations in order to disturb the judicial law. AirTran flight 297 was scheduled to fly from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to Houston Hobby Airport. However, the aircraft was taxied back to the terminal and the TSA, FAA and FBI were informed about the incident.

At the terminal, these Muslim Men were escorted from the AirTran flight 297 by TSA and other security executives. As per a report from an airline security executive, their baggage was also searched however no dangerous substance was found inside their baggage.

It was reported that all of the Muslim passengers are familiar with each other and are associated with a big Islamic center which now forms the area of investigation. Finally, AirTran flight 297 was allowed to depart from Atlanta and it arrived in Houston during the evening of 17th November 2009. Airtran Flight 297


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Airtran Flight 297 Scheduled Atlanta Houston Delay Muslim Passengers Creates Fear Tsa Investigates was written on December 09, 2009. Posted in Travel & Leisure and Tagged Travel & Leisure. What Links Here?

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Airtran Flight 297 Scheduled Atlanta Houston Delay Muslim Passengers Creates Fear Tsa Investigates

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