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Ancient Hebrew Mystic Kabbalah Speculation On Nature Of Divinity Origin Creation Fate Of Soul

Religion & FaithOne of the most interesting aspects of Ancient Hebrew Mystic is the Kabbalah. It mainly comprises of a speculation on the nature of divinity, origin and creation, fate of soul and the role of human beings. It is often also regarded as a mysterious derivative of Judaism as it also consists of magical, devotional and mystical practices.

Ancient Hebrew mystic, Kabbalah, has been derived from the word meaning to receive or to accept. It is also synonymously used with the age old traditions. The word Kabbalah is also pronounced as Qabalah or Cabala. This is due some Hebrew alphabets which have more than one representation in English, that is, these letters may be written as K or Q or sometimes even as C. No one has idea about the origin of the Kabbalah and hence the world is unaware of how old this ancient Hebrew mystic is. The earliest document which has a kabalistic approach dates back to the first century, but there are doubts about its biblical presence. However, the origin of the word Kabbalah as a label for tradition is attributed to Isaac the blind (1160-1236 C.E).

One may ask that is it necessary to learn Hebrew for the study of the Kaballah. A Jewish Kabalist is bound to maintain that the knowledge of Hebrew is important for the study of this ancient Hebrew mystic. But actually there is no question that knowledge of Hebrew can make much of a difference as thousands of Kabalistic text has been translated from Hebrew to other simpler languages. It is also necessary for one to be a Jewish to be allowed to study about this ancient Hebrew mystic. Though it would be inaccurate to call this study to be Non-Jewish, there still some uncertainty about what to call this variant study. Many Jews opt for the study of Hermetic Kabbalah rather than the traditional form of it.

Though Hermetic Kabbalah is also a true ancient Hebrew mystic, one might contradict the notion. However, some magical practices as found in the Hermetic Kabbalah were widely used by the traditional Kabalists. R. Aryeh Kaplan comments on Hermetic Kabbalah, It is significant to note that a number of techniques alluded to in these fragments also appear to have been preserved among the Non-Jewish school of magic in Europe. The relationship between the practical Kabbalah and these magical schools would constitute an interesting area of study.

It is generally very difficult to suggest any organization or teachers who provide education on Kabbalah. This difficulty is often considered as a nuisance and a boon for the study of this ancient Hebrew mystic, since it is believed that a thing is often valued more when it is hard to find or obtain. Kabbalah


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Ancient Hebrew Mystic Kabbalah Speculation On Nature Of Divinity Origin Creation Fate Of Soul was written on April 23, 2009. Posted in Religion & Faith and Tagged Religion & Faith. What Links Here?

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Ancient Hebrew Mystic Kabbalah Speculation On Nature Of Divinity Origin Creation Fate Of Soul

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