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Asia Carrera Former American Blue Film Actress Piano Performed At Carnegie Hall Labia Minora Pierced

EntertainmentAsia Carrera is a former American blue film actress. She was born on August 6, 1973 in New York City. She was born in New York City to a Japanese father and German mother. She was brought up in Little Silver, New Jersey, attending Little Silver Public Schools and Red Bank Regional High School. As a child, she studied piano, and had performed at Carnegie Hall twice before the age of 15.

She ran away from home when she was 16 because she felt her parents put too much pressure on her to succeed academically. She achieved an academic scholarship to Rutgers University and is a member of Mensa, the society for high I.Q. nerds. She is sometimes credited as Asia or Jessica Bennett. As is common practice among adult film actresses, the name Asia Carrera is a pseudonym.

As per interviews, she chose the stage name surname from actress Tia Carrere, intentionally misspelling it for legal reasons. Asia Carrera has 2 brothers, and a sister, all younger. Her brother is closest in age to her and is also one of her best friends. She married nutritionist and fitness writer Don Lemmon on December 19, 2003. Before Don, she was married to director Bud Lee for 8 years, from September 1995 to September 2003.

Don and she had a baby girl named Catalina on March 4, 2005. She lost Don in a car accident. Their baby boy, Donald E. Lemmon III, was born on December 31, 2006 in her home with only her and his big sister around. But whenever she can get some time for herself, she likes honing her skills in Photoshop, upgrading and tweaking my computer hardware, and exploring the desert. She also enjoys reading books on parenting and biographies in between changing diapers. Asia Carrera performed during the early 1990s as a dancer at several go-go bars in her home state of New Jersey. She put together a demo adult tape in 1993 after doing at least one photo-shoot for an adult magazine. At the end of that year she relocated to California to break into the adult business and she announced her retirement at the end of 2003.

Asia Carrera had her right labia minora pierced in 1990 and has henceforth had a variety of 1/2 gold rings affixed there since then. At this time she also had her first breast enlargement. Asia has performed only a few anal sex scenes, again waiting for her contract with Vivid to expire to do her first scene in the movie A Is For Asia. Asia stated that though she found anal sex enjoyable more profitable, it wasn't something she did in her personal life a great deal and had no interest in becoming an anal queen in the industry. As Asia Carrera revealed, her innate strive for freedom and huge parental pressure pushed her to choose adult as her profession. Asia Carrera


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Asia Carrera Former American Blue Film Actress Piano Performed At Carnegie Hall Labia Minora Pierced

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