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Black Squirrel Seen In Spring Santa Clara California Celebration With Festivals

Pets & AnimalsBlack squirrel is popularly found in the city of Santa Clara of California and in the middle part of the North America. They belong to the melanistic group of eastern grey color squirrel. The dark color of their skin gives them wide advantage to hide from the adverse situation.

Their characteristics are much similar to the grey colored squirrel. Like them, they too lived in the cooler part of the region. Because of their dark complexion, they could easily absorb the solar energy of the sun, to keep themselves warm. They were previously found even in cities of Michigan, Ontario, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Black colored squirrel also had different categories; among them spotted colored were chiefly found. In the year 1961, more then ten spotted squirrels were introduced to Ohio from Canada. Apart from this, they were largely found in the cities of Kent, Ontario and Toronto. At the arrivals of this new type, many local squirrels were driven out from there. Black squirrels are peace lovers; they do not fight unless there were questions of life risk.

Many tales were heard to be written on them, the children like those most, among them “The Palmers”, were very popular one. The founder of Kellogg Company, Mr. Will Keith Kellogg had written legends on black squirrels. In that story; the squirrels were focused to be very wild in nature, shown to have skipped over the Mississippi River, to reach for a new settlement in the area of Rock Island.

The black squirrels were believed to be a lucky charm for the people of New Jersey. They were thought to be the symbol of good fortune and for which their population is increasing day by day in the many parts of North America. They were largely found in schools, colleges, office and universities of United States. Even, the government of Canada was trying to increase their population by encouraging the people to breed them and not to harm them. They were also found in Massachusetts, Iowa and in Kansas in wide range.

The Black Squirrel Festival was organized by the Kent University every year. They celebrate the day beautifully. They arranged it with music and dance programs. The black squirrel had become very popular among the students of Albion College too; they used their image as their official symbol. Black squirrel


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Black Squirrel Seen In Spring Santa Clara California Celebration With Festivals

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