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Bobby Jindal Youtube Video Showing Republican Attacking Obama Plan Makes Headlines

Politics & GovernmentThe face off between Bobby Jindal, first Indian American Governor and Barack Obama, the first African American President was quite watchable. After the president’s address to the US congress the encounter gained momentum. Many people later searched in the web for Bobby Jindal YouTube video.

Obama was his usual self and seemed the prevailing entity of a liberal spending government. In his speech he tried to stress on the viability of his plan. As a matter of fact, the president tried to sound upbeat and highlighted on the positive aspects of his plan for the nation.

He admitted the gravity of the recession that has affected the US economy badly. He also said that the biggest problem the country is facing is that of unemployment. However he affirmed his view that his government will not buckle under the pressure and stressful situation.

The president vowed to make the sagging economy bounce back. He highlighted the fact that the country needs creation of a lot of jobs. In his view the areas that need the maximum attention is education, health care and energy.

However his speech came under the attack of 37-year-old Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. He was assigned the task of delivering the Republican answer to the speech of the President to Congress. He played the role of a fiscal conservative to perfection.

Jindal refused to buy the argument that the plans of Obama administration will help in reviving the economy. He said that the plan will put the burden of debt on the next generation of the nation. Jindal termed the economic stimulus bill as downright irresponsible.

Many of the political veterans are of the view that the Republicans may consider Governor Bobby Jindal as a Republican presidential contender three years down the line. Of late Jindal has strengthened his position in the Republican Party. However his speech repeated the growing opposition of the Republicans to Obama’s economic stimulus package.

One has to keep in mind that no Republican supported it in House of Representatives. However three of them backed it in the Senate. But Jindal said that the Republicans will stand by Obama if they find his plans plausible in future. Bobby Jindal Youtube


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Bobby Jindal Youtube Video Showing Republican Attacking Obama Plan Makes Headlines was written on February 26, 2009. Posted in Politics & Government and Tagged Politics & Government. What Links Here?

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Bobby Jindal Youtube Video Showing Republican Attacking Obama Plan Makes Headlines

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