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Burger Chef Skippers Treat Fish Apple Cherry Hot Plate Conveyor Ham Burger

Food & DrinksBurger Chef started in 1954. It was a chain of fast food restaurant that lasted till 1996. The Flame Broiler was patented by Frank and Donald Thomas in 1954. They started their own restaurant with a different name in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1956 they changed the name of the restaurants to Burger Chef. They created the first value combos as a burger, fries and soft drink.

It was very popular in the Midwest and was second to McDonald's in the number of locations they had. A signature double burger was offered by them called the Big Chef. They also had the works bar where the customers could themselves prepare their burgers according to their wish. The restaurant chain was bought by the General Foods Corporation in 1968 who expanded the chain of restaurants rapidly.

They had about 1,200 locations by 1970. They also designed the buildings and the logos though General Foods Corporation couldn't expand the company. General Foods Corporation sold the company to the Imasco Corporation in 1982. Most of them were changed into Hardee's except the ones that were located near Hardee's that already existed.

The franchisees were given by some time to change into other brands. In southern Indiana a large number of Burger Chef had changed to Pleasers. In the middle of the 1970s, Burger Chef toasted the buns for its Super Chef, Big Chef, cheeseburger and hamburger on the mechanism of hotplate conveyor. Coconut oil was used in this mechanism.

The entire process took one minute at a temperature of about 400 degree Fahrenheit. Frozen meat patties took less than 60 seconds to be cooked fully in an open flame broiler at a temperature of about 700 degree Fahrenheit. The other items included the Skipper's Treat (fish) and apple & cherry turnovers which were fried deeply.

Super Chefs were sold for 89 cents, Big Chefs for 79 cents, cheeseburgers for 25 cents, hamburgers for 20 cents and large soft drinks for 25 cents and small soft drinks for 20 cents. Burger Chef started using vegetable fat in the mid '70s. Burger Chef


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Burger Chef Skippers Treat Fish Apple Cherry Hot Plate Conveyor Ham Burger

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