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Companies House Registration Authority Of UK Companies Department Of Business Gareth Jones

Business & FinanceCompanies House is the executive agency of the United Kingdom Government. It is under the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. It is the registrar of all the limited companies in Great Britain and requires specific details of the companies under the Companies Act of 1985. The Chief Executive of the Companies House is Gareth Jones. Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform that controls the Companies House was recently formed after the disbanding of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Its responsibilities include the areas of Company Law, Trade, Employment Law, Economic Development and Business Growth, Energy and Consumer Law, etc. In United Kingdom, companies registration is taking place from as early as 1844 while the legislation for governing the company matters and law was passed in 1985 through the Companies Act 1985 and it has been updated in 1989. The register at the Companies House has entries of about 2.1 million companies and is one of the earliest National Company Registry to offer Electronic Company Formation.

Presently about 83% of all the companies are formed by this process and almost 40% of the documents are files in the electronic way. All the overseas companies that want to start business in United Kingdom also need to get registered in the Companies House.

Some bodies under the Companies House that facilitate its functioning have taken the help of external companies to carry out the daily business. Its Companies House Contact Center is run by Vertex Data Science Ltd which was reportedly contacted for twelve million pound. The direct services of the body along with the website were run by Orchid Telematics and the functions are now being looked after by Companies House itself after the term of contact expired. Its Website, Webfiling and WebCheck are now being maintained by Netbanx.

The Companies House main office handles the companies registered in England and Wales and these companies come under the jurisdiction of the English Laws. An office at Cardiff contains the Compliance unit, Prosecuting Solicitors, Late Filing Penalty and E-filing teams. The London Office looks after the documents and matters required for same day registration in England and Wales. The office at Edinburgh handles the registrations at Scotland and the companies are subject to the Scots Law. In Northern Ireland the companies are registered with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and are subject to Northern Ireland law.

Till now the Companies House has about 1 million companies registered electronically. The electronic registration is not available from midnight to 7 am on the next day. It also remains unavailable on Sundays. The reason cited by the authorities is that it needs time to batch process the data entered during the course of the day. But the overseas companies find it difficult to adjust with some having time difference of about twelve hours. Companies House


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Companies House Registration Authority Of UK Companies Department Of Business Gareth Jones

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