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Elizabeth James Born Losers Movie Featured Tom Laughlin Billy Jack Hells Angels

EntertainmentThis is a movie that featured Tom Laughlin who played the role of Billy Jack. Billy Jack is a half-Indian Green Beret veteran of the Vietnam War. The story of this movie is based on the real incident of 1964 in which the members of the Hells Angels were arrested because of raping two teenage girls.

The movie was shot in some places of southern California and within three weeks the film was completed. It is also said that in order to cut down the cost a scene from the movie ‘The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini’ was added. The scene was the one in which a biker crashes onto a pond. The movie named ‘The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini’ is a 1966 American International comedy film.

The movie was a huge hit and based on its initial success many successful sequels of this movie were released later on. In the year 1974, the sequel named Billy Jack was a huge hit and that lead the American International Pictures to re-release the film once again. As a result of this the movie was named as the highest grossing American International release.

Tom Laughlin is also the writer and the director of this film and he played the role of Vietnam War veteran. In this very movie he also added a layer of social criticism. Here he portrayed that bad parenting had resulted in some severe consequences. In this movie two teenage girls used to go around with bikers and at the end both of them got raped. Here Billy Jack is the one that displayed courage and stood up against the gangster since the local people didn’t have the courage to take action.

The film is about a Vietnam War veteran named Billy Jack that took shelter in a peaceful loneliness of the mountains. One day he came down from the mountains and went into a small beach town. There he witnessed a minor accident in which a car driver has hit a motorcycle rider. Then the members of the biker group attacked the motorist and started beating the motorist. At the end Billy Jack came and rescued the Motorist.

At the same time police arrived there and arrested him since he used a rifle to prevent the fight. Elizabeth James is the co-writer of the script and she is the one that played the role of Vicky. Elizabeth James Born Losers


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Elizabeth James Born Losers Movie Featured Tom Laughlin Billy Jack Hells Angels

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