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Fernando Colunga Popular Mexican Telenovela Actor Amor Real Fame With Passion For Bicycles

EntertainmentFernando Colunga is the name of a celebrated Mexican actor, who is for his performances in various Mexican telenovelas. Fernando is arguably the best, as well as the most among his contemporary Mexican actors. He is notably the only actor to have filmed five very successful telenovelas successively. With a towering height of 1 87 m, a muscular a build, and rugged looks, Fernando comes across as a perfect example of masculinity.

With all his roles, Fernando has proven that he isn't only a very handsome man, but a marvelous actor too. Fernando Colunga a simple and decent person with high thinking and moral values in his life. Apart from his first love, acting, this qualified civil engineer is actively involved in various sports including martial arts, which he has been practicing since he was nine, scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, and riding his motorcycle. Fernando also owns an auto-parts business of his own.

Fernando Colunga was born on March 3, 1966 in Mexico City, Mexico. Even as a little child, Fernando used to get fascinated by the glittering world of cinema, and aspired to become an actor. However, the inclination of Fernando Colunga towards the glamour world never acted as a hindrance in the course of his studies, and he graduated from the University of Mexico as a civil engineer.

Fernandos friends observed his talent, and advised him to get a formal training as an actor. As their insistence, Fernando went to CEA, the Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa, the best studios for well-known and successful telenovela. Fernando started his career as a stand-in. A producer noticed his great acting talent and this marked the beginning of the excellent acting career of Fernando.

Fernando Colunga first appeared on the television with the telenovela María Mercedes in 1992. This telenovela became so successful, that the producers had the film additional 80 episodes with Fernando in addition to the originally intended 10! This unprecedented success bagged him more roles, and he appeared in many telenovelas, including Marimar. His first lead role was in the telenovela María la del Barrio (1996), which was very successful.

Right after this telenovela, Fernando took his second leading role in the telenovela Esmeralda (1997) that made him very famous not only in Mexico but in 170 countries of the world where the telenovela has been shown. In 1998 Fernando filmed La Usurpadora, followed by Nunca te olvidaré (1999), and Cuento de Navidad. Fernando Colunga reached the peak of his career in 2000-2001, when his telenovela Abrázame muy fuerte (2000) won two awards for his acting in the leading role of Carlos Manuel Rivero.

At Christmas-time of 2001, Fernando filmed the Christmas-telenovela Navidad sin fin in which Fernando played a surprise role of an ugly and poor man. After taking a hiatus from telenovelas, Colunga returned in 2004 with the hit Amor real. Fernando followed the huge success of Amor Real with his next starring role in Alborada alongside Lucero. Fernando Colunga


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Fernando Colunga Popular Mexican Telenovela Actor Amor Real Fame With Passion For Bicycles

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