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Inga Barks Woman Of The Year 18th Senate District And Radio Host

EntertainmentInga Barks has become the Woman of the Year for the 18th Senate District when the Senator Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield made the announcement and conferred upon her the title. Inga is a popular radio personality of San Joaquin Valley. She is well known to the people of San Joaquin Valley for her voice and commentary on the radio on a regular basis.

Inga Barks is a mother of three and a resident of San Joaquin Valley. She hosts the weekdays morning talk show on the radio in Bakersfield, as well as an evening show in Fresno. The people of the valley also know her as an active personality who plays a major role in the case of the advancement of politics or social causes, especially for charitable purposes.

Inga Barks involvement in the Dylan Pardos case made an opening in the passage of Dylans Law in August of 2006 when she became a sponsor of Ashburns legislation in the Senate. According to the Senator Ashburn, Inga has been an outstanding personality in the San Joaquin Valley for her irresistible and tireless efforts for the people of the society in order to procure justice and human rights for them.

Inga Barks played a great role in raising a fund of hundred thousand dollars for Hurricane Katrina relief with her fans. It is because of her constant and tireless efforts that enabled the mothers of Kern County to surrender their newborn babies, 3 days old or less, to hospital emergency rooms without being convicted of prosecution. This is really a benevolent approach to be praised. She is now acting as a member of the Board of Directors of the Kern County.

Besides being a truly dedicated professional, Inga Barks is also a dedicated wife and mother in her family. She got married with Michael in the year 1988 and began her radio career in 1993. Inga is a graduate in psychology and completed her graduation in the year 1997.

Inga Barks is a fantastic and successful broadcaster giving real entertainment to the Valley people. She is distinct for her passion for beliefs and strength of character. She is undoubtedly dedicated to her job and through her passion she serves for the well being of the society.

Inga Barks is a lover of philosophy and religion and history and theater. Inga confessed that she fell in love with the radio when she was in grade school. She liked disc jockeys and newscasts more than music since childhood. According to Talkers Magazine, Inga Barks is one of the most influential talk show hosts in the nation. Inga barks


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Inga Barks Woman Of The Year 18th Senate District And Radio Host

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