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Jennifer Bunting Two Abducted Children Debbie Mark Baskin Kidnaped Rescued After 20 Years

News & Current EventTwo abducted children of Debbie and Mark Baskin were rescued 20 years after they were kidnaped by their grandfather, Marvin Maple. After kidnaping them, 72 years old Marvin raised them up under the pseudonyms of Jonathon and Jennifer Bunting. The decades-long case was put to an end with the arrest of Marvin in San Jose.

The drama started in 1978, when Bobby and Christie were kidnaped from Murfreesboro in Tennessee. At that time, they were 7 and 8 years of age respectively. Soon, police started investigation and finally found out their grandfather as the accused. Eventually, police took him into custody last week.

Already, reports are coming in about what exactly happened to the children. Murfreesboro Post reports that the Maple raised them up under new names. Even he also took the pseudonym John Bunting, to avoid suspicion. However, the case came to an end as Maple confessed his guilt in court. Marvin Maple is the father of Debbie.

The experts think that he will now be sent to his hometown Tennessee where he will face the charges of abduction. The sheriff of the Rutherford County confirmed that presently Maple is under the police custody without bail.

However, prior to the abduction, maple accused the Buntings of sexual harassment of their children. But the allegation was later proved baseless.

The parents of the children, on the other hand were eagerly waiting for this day. They said that they have long cherished the hope of reunion. The fact that their children are alive and doing well has made their heart filled with joy. But now they are no longer children. Bobby and Christi have now turned 27 and 28. And the parents are concerned about the change of their mindset in the passage of time.

They confessed that they are scared about thinking what their children might think of them. For, Debbie, their mother, is certain that they have been brainwashed thoroughly throughout this 20 years.

Still, they are eagerly looking forward. In fact, they have gone to San Jose to see their long lost children. However, no reports have been found on the reaction of the children. That makes it even more uncertain, whether Christie and Bobby will talk with their parents or not.

When the couple met with their children, Mark reminded them about the good time that they have spent. However, he also made it clear that they don’t want to pressurize their children to meet with them. At the same time though, he ensured to his children that they both love them still. Jennifer Bunting


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Jennifer Bunting Two Abducted Children Debbie Mark Baskin Kidnaped Rescued After 20 Years

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