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Kapok Emergent Tree Of Tropical Rain Forest Used To Treat Asthma Dysentery Fever Kidney Diseases

Education & ScienceKapok is an emergent tree of the tropical rain forest. The mentionable part about the tree is that it can grow up to a height of about 150 feet. It forms a tower like structure. Kapok In informs you that it could be seen in South America but now it is there in West Africa and the South East Asian forest. They have substantial trunk with a diameter of about 3m. An adult kapok tree produces several hundred pods.

The fiber of the tree is highly buoyant, light and flammable. The fiber cannot be spun but can be used in filling up mattresses pillows etc. The fiber is eight times lighter than cotton and five times more buoyant that corks. In addition to these, the kapok fiber is extremely water repellent and resistant to rot. The oil produced from the seeds of the tree is used in making soap. Kapok In has more vivid description of the tree. Kapok is the tallest tree in Africa. The leaves of Kapok consist of 5 to 9 leaflets.

Each leaflet is of about 20 cm in length. The branches are dense and they are enough to restrict the light from passing through the tree. The pods contained by the seeds are yellowish in color and fluffy. The job of separating the fiber from the seed coat is not only tough but also labor intensive.

Kapok tree is the shelter for many plants and animals. Kapok trees shed there leaves in the dry season, which is the winter. The most interesting thing about Kapok tree is that the flowers generally open prior to the appearance of the leaves. The flowers have a bad odor. It is only the bats that pollinate them.

The flowers of five petals are pink in color and the seeds are brown. The seeds, leaves and the bark of the tree are used to treat asthma, dysentery, and fever and kidney disease. The timber of the tree is desirable because of the trunks are heavy, its strength and its beautiful color. The Kapok tree has long been considered scared by the indigenous peoples of America. The Mayans believe that the kapok, which they call ceiba, is the tree of life whose roots extended to the underworld and branches to the heaven. Kapok


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Kapok Emergent Tree Of Tropical Rain Forest Used To Treat Asthma Dysentery Fever Kidney Diseases

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