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Multiple Pregnancy In Vitro Fertilization Process Twins Triplets Quadruplets Mutiple Birth

HealthWhen multiple fetuses get fertilized in a single pregnancy resulting in multiple births, the phenomenon is called multiple pregnancy. Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets i.e. two, three, four fetuses or even more offspring can be born from a multiple pregnancy. Though multiple pregnancy is common in various animal species, it is mostly used for placental species. Multiple births accounts for only three percent of the birth rate but the rate is rising lately. Though the birth rate of triplets and other higher multiple births have come down since 1998, the birth rate of twins has gone up by 59 percent since 1980.

There are many factors that can lead to multiple pregnancy. A family history of multiple pregnancies, having one or more previous pregnancy or multiple pregnancy, and women having children after 30 are some of the major reason of multiple pregnancy.

The race of people also plays a major part. African-American and Caucasian women who age over 35 have the maximum chance of multiple pregnancy. Asian and Native Americans are the ones least likely to have multiple pregnancies. Use of in-vitro fertilization technique or ovulation stimulating hormones such as clomiphene citrate or FSH also increases chances of having multiple children.

Multiple Pregnancy can be fraternal (dizygotic) or identical (monozygotic). In fraternal cases two or more eggs get fertilized and get implanted in the uterus. It can produce boys, girls or combination of both as both eggs get fertilized at the same time. In case of identical or monozygotic births, a single fertilized egg divides into two. It produces all boys or all girls. In fraternal multiple pregnancy, the embryos have separate placenta and amniotic sac while in monozygotic cases, mostly the embryos have a common placenta and separate amniotic sac.

Multiple Pregnancy more often than not is a concern among parents despite the happiness it brings to their lives. Multiples are mostly prematurely born and are vulnerable. They have low birth weights and they need help in breathing, eating, staying warm and fighting germs. In such cases the babies are treated in a NICU. The mother can also suffer from high blood pressure, anemia and post birth hemorrhage. In most cases of higher order multiple pregnancy the babies suffer from birth defects and miscarriages are common. Cesarean delivery is mostly practiced in case of multiple pregnancy thus increasing the risk to the mothers life.

Mothers can detect multiple pregnancy if they have uterus larger in size than expected for the date. They swill suffer more from morning sickness, increased appetite and excess weight gain. Fetal movements in different parts can be felt at the same time. Clinically multiple pregnancy can be diagnosed by ultrasound and pregnancy blood testing. Mothers carrying multiple fetuses should gain around 40 pounds of weight and take more rest. They should pay more frequent visits to the doctor and test the condition of the fetuses regularly. Mothers must also take more rest post child birth. Multiple birth


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Multiple Pregnancy In Vitro Fertilization Process Twins Triplets Quadruplets Mutiple Birth

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