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Pinewood Derby Car Designs Royal Rangers And The Awana Grand Prix

TransportationAre you targeting the trophies at the Royal Rangers or the Awana Grand Prix? Then, the first concern that should come into your mind is the design of your pinewood derby car. You and your child have always wanted to design something unique and that the design must support the normal pace of the cars. Vibrant and bright looking cars racing with great speed are something that you would like to see in any Pinewood Derby Tournament.

Look adults! You have had enough autonomy to make choices regarding your own car purchases and now it is your turn to delegate this authority to your kids. You should make your kids’ imagination fly beyond the boundaries to think about their Pinewood Derby Car Designs. You should nurture your child’s creativity before you suggest him the final design.

God knows what plays in a child’s mild in a certain point of time. Your child might come out with whacky ideas like a tapered look of the car to enforce the concept of “Aero dynamism”. Again, please don’t bother about aerodynamic cars too much because the right positioning of axles, wheels and weight placements are more important factors to focus on!

Your Pinewood car design ideas would be based on certain themes like animals, cartoons, race cars, food cars, patriotism and almost anything that can come into your mind. Even, some persons look carefully in the cars at the parking lots to find out any new design idea.

We know very well that colors matter much in making a design unique. Same applies to Pinewood Derby Car Designs also. For example, you have designed a Pinewood Derby car with the shape of an Army Truck, but don’t you think that mossy green and yellow colors should be used in combination to make a complete Army Truck?

Different children have different psychologies and so they think differently. Some of them would go for themes like Death and Destruction by using symbols like skull and bloodshot eye- balls. Again there are some children who cannot sleep a single night without worshipping their superheroes. These children might like to paint pictures of their superheroes like Superman, He- man and Batman thinking that they would instill power in the cars! The typical “childish” children would remain contented with themes like bugs and animals.

After something has cropped into your mind, make sure to give it a practical shape by sketching the picture of the intended car. Once again, allow your child to make the drawing. You can also take the pinewood block to trace out the picture from different angles.

But it has often been observed that your imagination is much bigger that what you can carry out in actual practice. So it is suggested that if you are not an experienced craftsman, then you should settle for something simple which you can build conveniently within a small period of time. Use of pre- cut cars can help the novices succeed in this expedition. pinewoodpro


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Pinewood Derby Car Designs Royal Rangers And The Awana Grand Prix

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