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Pink Breast Milk Case Caused Due To Bacterium Serratia Marcescens Discussed In Mystery Diagnosis

HealthThe show called “Mystery Diagnosis” is to air on the Discovery Health Channel on Monday and Tuesday and it would discuss very rare medical case- pink colored breast milk! Kelly Rice, a resident of Fort Collins has experienced pink breast milk after the birth of her son via Caesarean section. It was an incident of July 2007, when Kelly discovered that her breast milk had assumed the color of a pink highlighter after it rested for sometime in a bottle. Kelly was puzzled and she began consulting many doctors to find out the true cause behind such an abnormality. As many as 40 doctors failed to find out the true reason and they even did some misdiagnosis.

Anxiety or a common mastitis was cited as the reason behind the pink breast milk by some of the medical consultants. But it was a rare bacterium called Serratia marcescens, which rendered the pink color to her breast milk through the formation of a reddish pigment. She consulted the doctor in her locality, but the doctor’s prescription failed to be effective. The lady was even denied a culture of her breast milk. One month passed and Kelly saw no improvements.

Then she decided to consult doctors from other states. She suddenly observed the pink color in Joey’s formula bottle too! Months of agony and distress continued. At one night, Kelly experienced difficulty breathing along with a sudden drop in her blood pressure. She had to rush to an emergency room. Finally she came across Dr. Eric Olson at Poudre Valley Hospital who opted for the milk culture. The doctor came out with the report and it suggested that the breast milk was contaminated with bacterium Serratia, found in bathrooms.

This bacterium is also found in goats and lambs. Olson explained that the bacterium attacks the lungs and causes breathing problems. Other doctors took Kelly and her condition very lightly. But when Olson discovered that the prior treatments had shown no effect, then he opted for a different approach. The unusual complaints of Kelly attracted the doctor’s attention and he became determined to find out the cause. Dr. Olson said that a culture could have revealed the presence of the bacterium much before.

Kelly said that she had little faith on the nation’s healthcare system. Joey, who had contracted the bacterium, was refused a treatment as the doctors did not know the course of action! Ultimately her son was cured when he was given a probiotic that contained all the ingredients of normal breast milk. Kelly referred her case to the show as she thought that this would impart knowledge and information about this rare condition to the rest of the world and to the doctors who are unaware of this medical condition. Pink Breast Milk


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Pink Breast Milk Case Caused Due To Bacterium Serratia Marcescens Discussed In Mystery Diagnosis

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