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Windy Hager Brenton Wuchae Wife Revolutionary Teacher Student Relationship Inappropriate Brunswick

News & Current EventWindy Hager is a sixteen years old girl who has taken a revolutionary step to marry her coach and teacher Brenton Wuchae. Apart from being a gossip on teacher student relationship, this incident has another fold, as Wuchae is forty years old. This, no doubt, has given rise to the matter of inappropriate relationship between a teacher and his student.

Studying in Brunswick school, at her teen age Windy Hager was determined in her decision to marry her science teacher as well as cross country coach. As registered in the records of Brunswick County Register, Wuchae handed over his resignation from the school districts before he attained the license approval of his marriage. He delivered his resignation by hand in the central office of the district.

The marriage of Windy Hager with her teacher Brent Wuchae has never been smooth. Wuchae was in a paid administrative live shortly before the marriage as a result of some incident in the school campus that is left undisclosed. The parents of the girl tried their level best to stop their daughter from such an inappropriate relationship with an elderly man. The parents, Betty and Dennis Hagar, got conscious of the fact that a nearby neighbor Wuchae has developed an inappropriate friendship with their sixteen years old daughter Windy Hager. They seek help from the school leaders in order to keep the couple apart from each other. They also urged the school administration in order to keep the teacher away from the teen-aged students.

Betty and Dennis Hagar, however, have signed in a written consent that is submitted during the marriage of Windy Hager. According to local law, any person with the age below eighteen years has to submit a written consent on behalf of their parents in order to get married. They have signed the consent as they said they did not know what to do in this matter. The association of the duo happened in the year of 2004 as Wuchae joined the South Brunswick High School as the coach to the girls cross coaching team.

Windy Hager was then new from Catawba County and joined South Brunswick Middle School as a student. According to the family friends of the girl she loved to remain alone and therefore had not much friend circle. The trainer takes the advantage of this situation. The parents of the girl have failed to make the girl understand even taking the help of several counseling agencies. Windy Hager


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Windy Hager Brenton Wuchae Wife Revolutionary Teacher Student Relationship Inappropriate Brunswick

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