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Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative Cheese Butter Whey Powder Production Reduce Waste Material

Food & DrinksWisconsin Dairies Cooperative has its headquarters in Baraboo. Earning a yearly turn over of millions, the co-operative keeps a low profile with no extra promotion done by the firm in order to advertise their items. However with the yearly expansion of the firm every year, Wisconsin Dairies has kept up with the work showing great progress with every passing year.

The enterprise shares to produce about 20 percent of the whey products from the total items manufactured in the country. A principle whey producing center, the cooperative has almost 18 plants in and around Wisconsin. Additionally, Wisconsin Dairies went up the ladder recording a good growth rate with every passing year. Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative has been investing in great amounts on its several new plants. In addition to that, the co-operative made huge investments in order to attain several technological advancements to improve their quality of products.

The several products manufactured by the firm include cheese, butter, whey and powder production. The enterprise is associated with the manufacture of several million pounds of cheese and butter every year. However, the manufactured goods of the company do not bear the label of Wisconsin Dairies. This is so as the co-operative manufactures the products at a huge scale meant for resale to many other processors. The co-operative is moreover committed to its processing of raw milk maintaining a huge quality level.

Besides, the processed milk supplied by Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative has proved to produce better cheese yield, helping the firm to increase its customer list. Prioritizing its several sectors the company at its processing level has put its entire focus on developing specialty and value-added whey products. This can be viewed with the variety brought in by the co-operative such as that of permeate, lactose and whey-product blends. The co-operative has already introduced almost 33 different varieties of whey-derived products; some more types are on the way of being launched.

This is so as the firm has been continuously involved in the development of new varieties. Launching of these new ways can help the co-operative to open up new potential markets for the numerous products developed by them. The co-operative has affirmed to find out news to utilize the remaining whey solids for cheese making. The utilizing of the remaining can even help to reduce the waste that goes into the environment.

Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative has even recorded to acquire two cheese plants, in Conrath, Wis., and Milan, Wis, which further helped in its expansion. The co-operative has even made huge investments towards the building up of new plants, property and equipment. The firm continues to offer its customers several types of cheese and cheese by-products, maintaining its well defined company profile. Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative


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Anonymous posted on 09/30/2009

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Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative Cheese Butter Whey Powder Production Reduce Waste Material was written on February 26, 2009. Posted in Food & Drinks and Tagged Food & Drinks. What Links Here?

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Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative Cheese Butter Whey Powder Production Reduce Waste Material

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