It may be one of its kind for the Indian audience and an indigenous product such as Bajaj. But the industry is already talking about the stark resemblance of the ad with that of French automobile manufacturer Citro n’s campaign launched by Euro RSCG, London way back in November 2004. The ad featured a transforming into a Bot and then doing a jig to the grooves of “Jacques Your Body” by Les Rythmes Digitales (Jacques Lu Cont)..

DesignersBUTTE Believe it or not, Butte outdoor pool will open for business in two months. Pool intact, the slides are here, the building being worked on as we speak, said Butte Parks and Recreation Director JP Gallagher. The Ridge Waters outdoor pool at Stodden Park is set to open by Memorial Day weekend on May 26th.

People wait until something happens, and then, it too late. They have to go to a facility at least while changes are being made. Makes friends outside work and family. The weather in Cape Town during this time of the year, according to Nehra, will also play a vital role. “Cape Town, during January, can get hot and the conditions may not be seam friendly. Now if it becomes humid and the pitch is a flat one, then Bhuvneshwar may not get the desired swing and seam movement..

The basic concept of loss leaders as old as retail, notes Kevin Werbach, a Wharton professor of legal studies and business ethics. It a big part of the business model for many Internet based services that offer functions cheaply or for free in order to monetize at the back end. Google loses money at first on search engine users, and Zynga loses money on players of its games, but both turn tidy profits [through] their huge user bases.

Deputies earlier this week were called to a home in the 5600 block of Rex Lake Road on a burglary and theft report. The victim, whose identity wasn’t released, said he returned home Monday to find his side door broken and items missing from his home. The stolen items included guns, lawn, equipment and a utility trailer, said Chief Deputy Randy Christian..

In the opinion of former Test batsman Mohinder Amarnath, the latest episode was hardly going to make any difference to the controversy surrounding bowlers with suspect action. “First of all I don’t believe in the way this issue is being dealt with. What is this degree business.

We know what we can do, and we are going to take that into the tournament. Definitely set us up well with us being the No. 2 seed, so we definitely have to take advantage of that and play sharp, Fletcher added. His picture was taken in front of the black tourney banner by the far baseline. He posed with four star point guard Tremont Waters. It turned out that Richards violated the golden rule, though.